Euphemia Brewer-Fasama

Current President, KIT USA – New York           


My name is Euphemia Brewer Fasama born in Harper Maryland County, Liberia. I was raised by my paternal grandparents who loved me as their own. I came to know the Lord in the early 1990s.  During this time, I got a rhema word that He will never leave me nor forsake me.  This has been my anchor through the many difficulties faced in my life. When given the opportunity to share God’s love through giving when Sister Elizabeth Clay Kamara reached out to me to be a co-founder of KIT, I was glad to come on board.  Giving has been second nature to me. God’s word says feed my sheep so if it is spiritually or physically, I endeavor to oblige. I am married with many children – key amongst them are Joel, Deddeh and Saba.


I am honored to currently serve as the President of the Keeping In Touch USA branch

My Services Randered

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